How to hide your mouse cursor while playing games

This is a simple guide to a simple but mildly infuriating problem – some controller games don’t automatically hide the mouse cursor when you are playing them.

I came across this recently when playing Final Fantasy VI. I’m playing the game with a controller, but my mouse cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen. Since I’m playing the game on my Steam Link in the living room, I have no way to move it aside either. It’s just stuck there.


The way I’m removing it is by using a very small program called AutoHideMouseCursor, which does exactly what the name implies.


When you unzip the download, you’ll get a single exe file. You don’t need to install it anywhere, just run it as is. It will sit in your system tray, and after 5 seconds of not moving your mouse, it will make the mouse cursor disappear. Any mouse movement at all brings it back. You can change the timing to anything from 2 seconds to 100 seconds.

I set this to start with Windows, and leave it running all the time. It makes my mouse cursor disappear during normal use, but I haven’t found that to be a problem. If I haven’t moved my mouse in 5 seconds, I probably don’t need to see the cursor. And when I’m playing games that don’t hide it themselves, it’s been really useful.

Grab it here, and if you know any other ways to hide the mouse cursor when playing games, tell me in the comments!


Michael Day is a web engineer, javascript junkie, video game enthusiast, and blogger. Hating how the big console makers were taking advantage of gamers, he made the switch to PC and set it upon himself to make a machine that did everything the more popular consoles wouldn't.